Green Policy

As growers, we are intimately connected to the land and its resources. To realize energy savings in the near term and to protect our environment for future generations, Masterpiece Flower Company has a policy of conserving energy and creating efficiencies where possible. We are proud of our heating, irrigation, transportation and recycling systems and will continue to look for ways to create sustainability in our practices.

Today, our green practices include:

  • In our greenhouses, retractable energy curtains reduce heating costs by up to 37 percent.
  • Half our production facility use heat exchangers that reduce our natural gas needs by 11 percent in moderate temperatures.
  • We use high efficiency T8 fluorescent lighting in all warehouses, reducing electricity costs by 31 percent in one year.
  • 54 percent of our production facilities use flood floors, which recycle 100 percent of our water and fertilizers.
  • Slow drip emitters on field crops save 1.1 million gallons of water each year.
  • We are testing trailer skirting and super single tires on our semi-trailers to improve fuel mileage.
  • Our low emission reefer trucking units meet California standards.
  • We encourage customers to return their flats and plastic pots for recycling or reuse.

In 2010, Masterpiece was acknowledged by East Jordan Plastics as the largest single grower contributor to their recycling program. In the first two years, we recycled nearly 450,000 pounds of plastic in addition to plastic that was reused in greenhouse production.