Employment Questions

How can I work for Masterpiece Flower Company?

To apply for work, please submit an application by going to our Apply page. You can either submit your application online, fax or mail it us. Instructions are on the same page. Please note: our peak hiring season is February through May.

I have questions about employment with Masterpiece Flower Company.

Most general questions about the positions available can be answered by visiting our Why Work page. You can find general information about our company and detailed job descriptions for the positions available.

Who can I follow up with regarding an application for employment?

You may email the human resources department at: employment@masterpieceflower.com.

I’ve worked for Masterpiece and would like to get in touch with my supervisor about the upcoming season.

If you do not have a direct number for your previous supervisor, please email us at employment@masterpieceflower.com. If possible, please also send us your application at the same time. This way, our HR department can put it through to the right supervisor. Please note that previous employment with our company is not a guarantee of future employment.

Do you offer careers at your greenhouses?

We are fortunate to have a very steady staff at our greenhouses. However, from time to time, we do have a position available. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and/or application to employment@masterpieceflower.com and indicate in the subject line that you are interested in a greenhouse position.

How can I get my pay stub?

Current employees may access their paystubs here. Instructions for first time users can be downloaded here.

If you are a former employee or have forgotten your password, please contact the HR Department by calling 616-878-3388 so they can reset your information.

How can I get a copy of my W-2?

Current employees may access their W-2’s here. Instructions for first time users can be downloaded here.

If you are a former employee or have forgotten your password, please contact the HR department for assistance. The phone number to call is 616-878-3388.

Who can I contact about hauling product for Masterpiece Flower Company?

Please call our transportation division, Peak Transportation Solutions for information on transporting product for Masterpiece Flower. Their phone number is 616-878-7325.

Purchasing Questions

How far do you ship products?

You may see our trucks anywhere in the continental United States; however most of our flower shipping is contained in the Midwest (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin).

What is the minimum order for delivery?

By partnering with large box stores, our typical minimum delivery is three carts (approximately 10% of a full size semi-trailer).

Can you send me a catalog and a price sheet?

Masterpiece does not produce a catalog with our product offering. Pricing is developed on an individual basis to accommodate the customer’s needs and purchasing power. Factors that can influence pricing include volume, year round business, scan based purchasing vs purchase order, freight and boxing costs.

I would like to place a special order for some product. How can I do that?

Providing that you have a wholesale license, you can contact our main phone number at 616-878-3388 to discuss purchasing; however, for orders less than $5,000, we can provide you with the closest box retailer that we service and they can assist you with your special order request.

I have a flower shop. Can I buy from Masterpiece Flower Company?

Masterpiece Flower Company is equipped with systems to handle the needs of large box stores. At this time, we do not have the ability to handle the individual needs required for a floral shop.

I have a garden center. Can I buy from Masterpiece Flower Company?

Masterpiece Flower Company is equipped with systems to handle the needs of large box stores. At this time, we do not have the ability to handle the individual needs required for an independent garden center.

I need flowers for an occasion. Can I buy direct from Masterpiece Flower Company?

Masterpiece Flower Company is not licensed to sell retail. By calling 616-878-3388, we would be pleased to provide you the closest retail location that we service.

Plant Care Questions

How can I care for my orchid?

Just like any other houseplant, most problems are just a matter of adjusting the amount of light or water. And figuring out which is pretty simple.

Water - 

  • In general, orchids can tolerate too little water better than too much, but both lead to the same symptoms—shriveled leaves and slow to no growth. Check the roots to know which it is—too much water causes the roots to rot while too little water still allows for firm, white roots. Once you know, it’s just a matter adjusting the watering schedule. We recommend starting with 2 ounces and adjusting from there. 


  • Most orchids prefer indirect light. The wrong amount of light changes the color of the leaves. With too little light, leaves turn unnaturally dark green and plants won’t flower. Too much light causes leaves to yellow and sometimes develop scorched blotches. Simply move your orchid to get the right light.

What to know...

  • Select plants with lots of flower spikes and unopened blooms, and avoid those with yellow leaves, which can indicate stress or disease.
  • Check plant tags for light, water, temperature, humidity, and feeding tips. Tuck tags under the container for easy reference.
  • After the orchid finishes blooming and flower spikes turn brown, remove spikes at their base so the plant’s energy goes into next year’s blooms.
  • Repot every few years using pots specifically designed for orchids with proper drainage and ample room for roots.
  • Use potting mixes designed for orchids. Orchids naturally grow on trees, rather than on the ground, and don’t like soil.
  • Before repotting, remove old potting mix and check to ensure roots are firm and white with light-green growing tips. Trim dead, brown, or mushy roots and sprinkle cuts with cinnamon, which acts as a fungicide.
  • When repotting, spread the roots evenly, add new potting mix, and pack gently but firmly around the roots.

For further reading and care information go to: https://bloomiq.com/indoorplantstips/orchids

Why did my Mystique Orchid re-flower as a white orchid?

The Mystique Orchid’s are not painted, and are not hybridized. It is the result of a patented process that infuses white orchids with a specially formulated medium of the color required (blue, purple, pink etc.). This process has been perfected after many years of research and testing, using naturally derived elements and remaining environmentally conscious. Due to this unique “dyeing process” buds on your Mystique Orchid’s current stem will open to flowers in a beautiful, lighter shade of the artificial color. Any new stems and blooms will bring white flowers, because Phalaenopsis orchids have a very strong natural ‘filtering system’ that protects them in the wild.

How do I care for my mini rose plant?

  • Water: Keep planting mix moist
  • Light: Place in direct sunlight, 5 to 6 hours a day, turning plant from time to time will also encourage growth
  • Continuing Care: Trim by one third after each flowering. Repot when you notice root crowding on or above the soil surface (best done after flowers have faded). Mini Roses are also hardy and can be planted out of doors!
  • Temperature: Performs best at an average indoor temperature between 60 and 70 degrees
  • Fertilizer: Use liquid fertilizer monthly

Are your mums a perennial?

Floral mums purchased inside a floral department are not perennial varieties and should not be used in outdoor applications.  Garden mums purchased in the garden center are considered “soft perennials” in our Midwest markets and have a good chance of coming back each year by planting them in the ground as opposed to a container, planting them close to a foundation on the south side of a home, trim them back to 1” above the soil and provide a mulch covering in the late fall.

How can I find out more information about a plant that I purchased?

Plant tags usually have all of the basic information about the plant to provide success. Tags are sometimes located in the soil just inside the rim of the pot. You can find additional plant information by going to Bloom IQ.

Other Questions

Does Masterpiece offer greenhouse tours?

Due to the seasonality of our business, there are no scheduled greenhouse tours available to the general public.

Does Masterpiece donate any product?

All plant donations are arranged through our customers and Masterpiece Flower helps to support a number of organizations that are supported by our customer base through financial and plant donations.

What does Masterpiece Flower Company do with flowers that don’t sell at the retail locations?

Expired plant material is tossed at the store level in compliance with our retailer’s strict loss prevention programs. Even our employees at the store are not permitted to remove any product from the store in agreement with these rules; however, we do facilitate a recycling program for plastic buckets and containers that can be repurposed.

Is Masterpiece Flower Company helping the environment?

Absolutely! Most of our greenhouses recycle the water used to irrigate our plants. Energy curtains are used to hold heat from the sun’s rays in at night. We recycle cardboard, plastic pots and trays as well as plastic pallets that can be reused hundreds of times. Transportation software helps to route our trucks in the most efficient manner. Trailer skirts and super single tires help to increase fuel economy for our trucks.

Can I get a refund from Masterpiece on a product purchased?

We stand behind the quality of our products to our customers. If one of our products was purchased at a retail location that we service, the refund would be handled by the retailer where the purchase occurred following the guidelines of the retailer’s refund policy.