Why buy from Masterpiece?

  • Built for the Future Commercial Growers to Serve the Wholesale Customer!
  • Crop Detail A balance of Science and Art!
  • Speed to Market Equipped to Deliver Freshness!
  • Ready to Serve Merchandising to Support Seasonal Sales!

Masterpiece Flower Company provides high-quality live plants and cut flowers to national and regional retailers. We are a full-service organization, offering expert growers, dedicated delivery systems and in-house merchandisers to our clients—keeping them well positioned as major garden and floral centers.

Large Volume Service with a Family Company Feel

Masterpiece Flower Company started as a single greenhouse, driven by the attention to quality and reputation that comes from a family business. Today, with more than 50 years of experience growing potted plants and holiday crops, we are recognized as one of the top 100 growers in the U.S.

Plants are our expertise, but keeping customers satisfied is our passion. Whether delivering plants with perfectly timed blooms; providing unique and attractive cut flower bouquets; or staffing your garden center with friendly and knowledgeable merchandisers, we believe that what is good for the home gardener is good for your bottom line.

Masterpiece prides itself on providing a mix of quality, delivery, availability and experience. Explore our pages today and let us show you what we can do for you.

  • Quality

    We take every opportunity to provide top-performing plants to your customers.

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  • Delivery

    Our dedicated shipping network moves crops from our greenhouses to your stores in 24-48 hours.

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  • Availability

    Holiday plants, outdoor garden plants, fresh cut flowers and more—a full selection 52 weeks a year.

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  • Experience

    Our specialized growers and state-of-the-art greenhouses equal spectacular results in every season.

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