A Tradition of Quality

From our beginning, founder Henry Mast Sr. was fastidious about quality. Three generations later, that tradition of excellence continues today.

The Masterpiece Flower Company focus on quality is evident in every facet of our business, from the initial research into better genetics to the expert plant care provided when our products hit your shelves. In between, we take every opportunity to provide the best product available, including:

  • Height, bloom and pest/disease control standards for every product we offer
  • A strict grower selection process and weekly visits to all growers
  • Regular tissue, soil and water sampling
  • Graphical tracking to pinpoint critical bloom times on holiday and seasonal crops
  • Centralized shipping and dedicated merchandisers for consistent quality, every time

An Investment in Research

Masterpiece’s continued growth is due in part to our focus on research and a constant drive for improvement. We collaborate with respected horticulturist and retired Michigan State University professor, Dr. Royal Heins, to develop quality programs and stay on the cutting edge of discoveries into greenhouse management and bloom optimization. We are in constant contact with breeders all over the world as they develop better genetics and more reliable stock. And our growers meet weekly to discuss the best results in irrigation, insect and disease control and soil enhancement.

State-of-the-Art Greenhouses

Our supplying greenhouses— Henry Mast Greenhouses are computer-controlled models of efficiency and quality. Controlled by PRIVA software, our greenhouses are specifically adjusted for the proper heat retention, cooling, ventilation and shading. Many of our greenhouses are dedicated to a single crop, allowing us to create optimum conditions for that specific species or variety—resulting in optimum plant production.

Centralized Shipping and Quality Control

The hallmark of Masterpiece’s quality control is its centralized shipping capabilities. Each and every plant and cut flower we sell—whether from a company greenhouse, an authorized contract grower or a global distributor—is processed at our Michigan headquarters. This is the final step before our products arrive in stores, and our final opportunity to make sure every product we provide is worthy of its name.

At our centralized shipping facility, we maintain dual warehouse temperatures, allowing us to preserve the cold chain process and more effectively handle cold-sensitive items.

We even control quality while our products are on the road. Through our dedicated transportation company, Peak Transportation, our products are shipped in specialized trailers that allow for proper temperature control and can be monitored remotely. To learn more about our transportation capabilities, visit the Peak Transportation page.

  • Quality

    We take every opportunity to provide top-performing plants to your customers.

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  • Delivery

    Our dedicated shipping network moves crops from our greenhouses to your stores in 24-48 hours.

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  • Availability

    Holiday plants, outdoor garden plants, fresh cut flowers and more—a full selection 52 weeks a year.

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  • Experience

    Our specialized growers and state-of-the-art greenhouses equal spectacular results in every season.

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